Copyright Licensing and History

The copyright in all the images on this site belong to Peter Dean / Agripicture Images Ltd. All rights are reserved. You cannot copy or publish or use any of the images on this site in any way whatsoever without written permission from us. Contact us if you wish to purchase a license.  In all instances Peter Dean asserts his rights to be indentified as the author of the images on this website. Image licenses are not currently available to purchase from this site. You need to contact us to purchase a "license to use" Your rights purchased will be stated on the invoice.
If you wish to copy images for the purpose of using in positionals for projects you need to contact us for permission.

History and Exclusivity
We are able to sell licenses with exclusive or limited exclusivity. Exclusivity is often not required  but we record all uses so that clients can decide if they need a more exclusive use. We sell exclusive, non exclusive and limited exclusive rights. The price will reflect this and the use. We are also able to sell broad rights in many instances.

Knowing the history of use of an image enables you to know if your intended use will conflict with a competitor or similar business. For example if you purchase non exclusive use for advertising it is possible for a similar business to use the same image for advertising in the same publication. This does not happen often but when it does it can be damaging to a brand. A simple check avoids any potential problem.

If you need or would like to know the history of use of any image simply contact us for up to date information. We just need the seven digit image reference number of the image.